International Choreographers Retreat

L’International Choreographers Retreat serves as an international platform for artists to unite, engage in collective reflection, and forge strategies to address the needs and desires of our discipline.

An ensemble of choreographers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, practices, and linguistic identities will converge, bringing with them a kaleidoscope of perspectives. These varied viewpoints not only serve as the bedrock for understanding one another’s realities but also lay the foundation for identifying shared concerns, synergies, and collaborative approaches. The diverse tapestry of voices at the Retreat table will foster a wide-ranging and profound exchange, enabling participants to expand their artistic kinship.

The Retreat will delve into crucial themes of sustainability, environmental mindfulness, inclusivity, and equity. We firmly believe that artists and cultural organizations are pivotal in facilitating the (re)construction and communication between diverse societal stakeholders, and we aim to champion this essential work.

An event to serve the entire dance community

The international choreographic artists taking part in the Retreat will exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences to reimagine the ways we function and the place of our artistic field in contemporary society. The commitment of the participants to devote their time and expertise to this common cause is the guarantee of an in-depth and innovative reflection.

What makes the event even more promising is its willingness to make the ideas and discoveries that emerge from it accessible to the public, even to those not directly involved in the Retreat. Indeed, the thoughts and paths explored at the meeting will be shared openly, to nourish and inspire all interested artists, whether in Montreal or elsewhere in the world. This openness and transparency reflect the importance we attach to the dissemination of knowledge and the mutual enrichment of the global artistic community.
The International Choreographers Retreat embodies the vision of an open, collaborative and forward-looking artistic community. By sharing our ideas and inspirations, we aspire to bring about positive and lasting change in the world of dance.

An overseas co-production

To bring forth this grand-scale endeavor, c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group has partnered with the esteemed Canadian company Montréal Danse. Hailing from countries where the imperatives of inclusion and exclusion resonate profoundly, though in markedly distinct contexts, our collaboration is rooted in a shared recognition of the critical importance of these ethical concerns.
Our joint effort stands as a testament to our belief that the true fulfillment of artistic aspirations can only be achieved by embracing our individual and cultural distinctions, navigating political complexities, and addressing societal disparities.
The collaboration of our organizations marks an initial stride towards a harmonious convergence of perspectives, a unification in diversity, and a fortified pathway forward through mutual cooperation. Together, we embark on this singular project to provoke contemplation on the very essence of our discipline.

About Montréal Danse

Paul-André Fortier and Daniel Jackson founded Montréal Danse in 1986 to support and showcase the many Quebec choreographic voices emerging at that time. Kathy Casey took over the artistic direction in 1996 and the company has since become a platform for choreographic development in addition to a producer of dance works. The company’s fruitful collaborations with invited choreographers reflect a passion for choreographic research into critical contemporary issues. To this day, the company has produced more than fifty works, all of which are marked by audacity and vitality.
The body as a vehicle for ideas is at the heart of the company’s artistic research. Montréal Danse joins forces with iconoclastic creators to question the territories of expression and rethink the contexts in which dance can be expressed.
Montréal Danse’s organizational model redefines the mandate of a creation company while contributing to the renewal of the discipline. Through its involvement in the creation of atypical and luminous works, its exploration of innovative approaches, and its support of artists, Montréal Danse participates in the development of an active and diverse community. The company’s support to creators combines giving the necessary time and resources to carry out their research with offering a structure that encourages artistic and professional growth.
The company’s Laboratories and Development activities include Choreographic Research Workshops and Research Events, two projects that allow choreographers to explore their artistic aspirations in a supportive and thought-provoking environment. Both projects include discussion forums to explore current ideas and questions animating the discipline, to participate in their development and to encourage their circulation.
Montréal Danse has been linking art to social action since 2010 with Dance Against Violence, a project offering movement workshops to women who are victims of violence and their children, helping them reclaim their bodies, regain confidence and nurture self-esteem. The workshops benefit a growing and increasingly diversified clientele.
To find out more about Montréal Danse visit

From June 10 to 15, 2024, the first edition of the International Choreographers Retreat will take place in the heart of the Eastern Townships.
This international platform will be guided by two facilitators who will lead and frame the joint reflections:

– Fatma Sarah Elkashef
– Karla Etienne

What’s more, to share the reflections and explorations of this meeting, we’ll have the privilege of being followed by Sara Hanley, who will play the role of idea cartographer during the week.

Discover the thirty international choreographers chosen to take part in this first edition

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