Blood, sweat, and tears, a creation of desires and frowning lips.

Costumes Creation and Performance – Maya Yogel

Cello player – Yonatan Niv

sound track – Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams, jp5, Roni Alter- I Follow Rivers

sound track editor- nadav gerev

Maya Yogel is a performance artist, choreographer, Butoh artist, artistic director and a teacher. She received her B.A. from the Hebrew University in Art and Theatre along her previous studies in Dance Education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music Dance. Maya Yogel’s passion for dance and curiosity about movement flowered at a young age. From the beginning to this day, she has been moving through a process of exploring the developing a new movement language. Yogel tests and stretches the boundaries of contemporary dance, by combining avant-garde movement with traditional and surrealistic elements to one.
The combination of Yogel’s academic education and decades of research and practice among world-renowned Butoh artists, led to the creation her unique language, which draws inspiration from the dialogue between the different cultures. In her works, Yogel emphasizes the tension between the cultural gaps, and translates that tension into original, new and unique movement. Yogel chooses to pass on the interest inherent in these gaps to her students all over Israel and abroad, both in formal and experimental settings, in order to encourage a new creation, a unique dance language which is based on and draws inspiration from ancient traditions, which range from experimental to traditional.

Free admission with reservation, number of seats are limited.

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Alliance House – מיקום – בית אליאנס, כיח 5 ירושלים


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