How do we compromise, improvise and thrive together when the rhythms of our emotional lives meet with the rhythms of another? How does the physiological rhythm of our lives, our beating heart, meet the beat of another? This improvised piece vulnerably explores the communion of our emotional and physical rhythms using a live heartbeat. Lia and Gilad work as a duo. Their life research is a space for instant composing in voice, movement and text.

Dancers, choreographers and music | Lia Amit, Gilad Ze’ev
Costume design | Michal Ma’ayan Koren Sound Design | Omri Rotem

Lia Amit, B.S.W, Psychotherapist and Somatic practitioner, voice and movement artist and teacher. Lia is based in Jerusalem, creating-living-performing in the field of art, therapy, connection and consciousness.
Lia creates pieces and collaborates in Israel and Berlin, with individuals and co-operatives, among them: TanzFabrik Berlin, CCA Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv Municipality, “sheik-abreik” festival for civil culture, “Between Heaven and Earth”, Jeruaslem, “Nifgashot”, Tel Aviv. As well as Augustine Collective, Faye Shapiro and Einsof Ensemble. Collaborating and living with Gilad Ze’ev. Lia holds spaces for encounter through improvisation with individuals and groups.

Gilad Ze’ev, B.A. in Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies, performer, filmmaker and teacher.

Gilad makes art that centers storytelling and invites intimacy, playfulness, contemplation and laughter. Creations and collaborations in Israel and in the Bay Area, CA include: “One Body Two” Between Heaven and Earth Jerusalem, “Here there is Space” Sheik-Abreik Festival, “Flow With It” BAMPFA Film Festival, “Web of Life” Moonstruck Concert Series, “Jazz Me Live” Birds of Paradise. Living, loving and learning with Lia Amit. Gilad lives in Jerusalem, can be often found making music, dancing, playing with trees, and reading.


הצטרפו לניוזלטר