Grief is a dark, complex, mysterious territory that can seem almost inaccessible. A shock surprises us, a loss comes, changing our lives in an instant; no matter how prepared we think we are to face it, it will never be enough, when it happens, everything falls apart and, for a while, nothing makes sense. But life goes on and presents us with a portal that must be crossed to move forward and assimilate… Then, certain responses are revealed to us, one of them, perhaps the most important, is that every response already exists within us, the way out is within ourselves. We are interconnected, made of the same stuff as everything else, and an apparent end is perhaps just the beginning.

Choreographer: Claudia Lavista

Dancers: Julia Mezhetskaya

Music: Composed by Mario Lavista. Ofrenda (1986) for tenor flute interpreted by Horacio Franco

Costume design: Adi Yair

Created and choreographed by Claudia Lavista (SNCA/National System of Art Creators 2020-23/SACPC). Directed, edited and photographed by Alexander Dahm. Camera and dron operator, Igor Farberov. Line producer, Naama Shmueli. Executive producer, Elad Schechter from C.A.T.A.M.O.N Dance Company, Elise Bernhard for the Jerusalem International Fellowship. Filmed in Jerusalem/Israel at Tower of David, and Judea Desert/May 2022. Special thanks to, Eilat Liber, Bracha Ben Dror, Elazar Stern, Ilan Cohen, Yusef Jahalin and Hagop Panos Deldelian

Claudia Lavista, Choreographer, performer, professor and manager with 30 years of experience, for her artistic work she has received multiple national and international awards. Degree in Dance Pedagogy. Co-founder of Delfos contemporary dance and the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan/EPDM considered two pilar projects of the Mexican dance scene. Claudia has created more than 55 works that have been presented in 27 countries from Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. She teaches continuously in dance faculties from Mexico and abroad. The University of Chicago awarded her with the prestigious Mellon Fellow. She is a member of the National System of Art Creators 2020-23; in 2021 she is distinguished with the International Jerusalem Fellows Award. She has collaborated on opera, theater and multimedia projects and created dance pieces for theater, site specific, video dance and digital platforms. Claudia is interested in interdisciplinary collaborative projects that generates works created from an artistic/human dialogue.

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