Join CAMPI – Jerusalem Dance & Performance community

Campai is a collaborative foundation of the dance community and performance in Jerusalem, an initiative that connects the professional community, seeking to create a meaningful discourse among creativity, performance, production, and cultural entrepreneurship in Jerusalem, to provide tools for identifying personal compass and navigating the dance and performance map.

Campai is a joint initiative established in 2019 by the c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group, MASH dance House, and Between Heaven and Earth. The initiative’s goal is to address the prominent need for economic cooperation between creators and dance organizations in Jerusalem, in order to enable comprehensive and relevant support for artists. The added value in the foundation of this new initiative lies in the collaborative model on which it is based—a model that allows resource pooling, increased sense of belonging, and community empowerment. Members of Campai pay an annual membership fee of 360 NIS, which will be collected and used for grants, enrichment sessions, and various subsidies for members.

In addition to grants, members are offered consultancy services, sponsorship of halls and studios for rehearsals, enrichment sessions, discounts on performances, and more.

Campai is open to all who wish to strengthen the dance and performance community in Jerusalem.

Campai’s account is managed at Bank Kaima – Bar-Kaima for Culture, Art, Music, and Peace, with the guidance and oversight committee: Ruth Diskin, Ruth Cummings and Nirith Rossler.

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