Join CAMPI – Jerusalem Dance & Performance community

CAMPI is a new cooperative fund, a sort of a source for the growing community of dance & performance artists in Jerusalem. This community was initiated by three leading dance organizations in Jerusalem; ‘c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group’, ‘Machol Shalem Dance House’, and ‘Between Heaven and Earth’. 

The vision that stands behind this initiative is to enable support and economic liberty for independent creators and artistic projects. To allow the dance organizations distribute financial and communal artistic support that will encourage the vitality and the variety of dance makers in the city. By creating a strong network of collaborative community members, this model will enable the pooling of resources, increase the sense of belonging, and promote diverse and empowered emerging artists and influencers, tied to a strong community.
It comes at a time when there’s an urgent need to emphasize the effort and promote dance makers, creative independent artists, audiences and support this unique dance and performance scene. 

In the midst of the covid19 crisis it became clear to us that the added values of our artform needed to be assimilated into Jerusalem’s dance community in particular and the society in which we live as a whole. This understanding brought us to form a brainstorming committee that consisted of representatives from the three leading dance organizations, a small group of creators, and leaders of the cultural scene in Jerusalem.
This will launch a cooperative resources bank that will consist of funds from three circles; 

A- Partners 

B- Beneficiaries

C- Supporters

The first two groups (A- Partners, B- Beneficiaries) will deposit a symbolic membership fee. The 3rd group of supporters will add philanthropy funds to the becoming pull. 

The 1st group – ‘Partners’ will consist of community members who have proven some artistic achievements in the field of dance and performance, and are active in the Jerusalem dance and performance scene. Members of this group will be able to receive grants upon applications, three times a year. These grants will be directed to pay artists and allow resources such as research budget, professional guidance, studio rentals, set design, music design  or production support for new work. 

Along with the grants, various assistance, subsidies and services will be provided to the ‘Partners’ community by the three leading organisations, in order to enable ongoing and relevant support for artists, which are in great need, due to the lacking support by the established institutions and/or government representatives.

Second group – ‘Beneficiaries’ are directed to art and dance lovers. They’ll be able to enjoy the first peek of newly formed works, free tickets to premieres, in-studio meetings with the artists, workshops etc…   

Third group – ‘Supporters’ will consist of funding independent organizations such as foundations, private donors and dance-enthusiastic individuals who want to support the making of this art-form in Jerusalem. Benefits for this group will be tailor-made according to their wishes and their willingness to be involved. 

Together, the three circles, the organizations, the audiences and the independent artists of Jerusalem will strengthen the sense of belongingness and create an innovative vision for the independent Jerusalem dance and performance community. 

CAMPI will remain open to any member who wishes to strengthen this community and enjoy the benefit of it, without political or institutional influence. The CAMPI account will be managed by ‘Bank Kayama’ – an outside-eye organization specialising in managing art, culture, peace and sustainability projects, since 2015. 

Committee – Ruth Cummings ,Nirit Rioseleer, Ruth Diskin and Maté Moray.

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