”Morphing and transforming”
”Bold and fierce, innocent and dangerous ”
After splashing on stages across the world ”HABATUL” is coming to the tower of David! A fishy event for the whole family.
Between wet fantasy and fragile memory; a creative process that began a decade ago will melt different aspects of his life into a soft, delicate membrane.
‘Habatul’ will dive into the depths of the heart through fire, water, and glass. To excavate in the past and let go.
You are welcome to come closer and even touch, after all, he is here to he is here to satisfy your will.
Turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream. Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
Enjoy the swim in the mythological heaven of HABATUL
Choreography and performance | Irad Avni
Rehearsal director | Roni Faigler
Artistic advising | Rossello Shmaria
Soundtrack editing and original music | Adi Noah
Costume design | Dodi Cohen
Knitting | Gavriel Itzhaki
Special thanks to “Fresco” dance company

Irad Avni is an Israeli choreographer and dancer.

His works “JUST DANCE”, “WE/OUI” ,  “Narkis” and “K for humanity” had performed throughout Israel, Slovenia, Germany and more and won prizes such as  “Best Performance” award at the “solocoreographico” festival, Frankfurt,

As a dancer, Irad was educated in the  “Bat Sheva” project and graduated in dance major at Ironi A. Modi’in.

He danced in “Kulban Dance” company  “Jerusalem Dance Theater” and since 2020 until now in “Fresco” dance company

Also as an independent dancer, he is working with Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Yael Shiler, Daniel Lamansdorf and more.

In addition, Irad played in the theater and on television.

In 2018, he founded “Bria” platform for beginner choreographers, which he artistically manages in collaboration with “MASH” Dance Center and OPUS1 festival


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