Grey Area – Premiere

Four women in a gray zone face the remnants of quarantine. The constant obsession with the body; the uploads-emptiness-actions-stop. Exposed on a 360-degree stage each angle is watched, observed and criticized. There is nowhere to escape. Alliance house allow imagination, ideas and hope to sink. An alternative structure of a home is created in which actions, obsessions, repetitiveness, all done outwardly. Like if it was demanding to be looked at, demanding sympathy and approval for success. Does an action exist if it isn’t presented publicly? Is it worth anything without a post on social media?

Music: Asaf James bar on Dancers and creators: Adar Riklis, Perry Lustiger, Sharon Barbakov, Sofia Krantz

Sofia Kranz is a Jerusalem based choreographer and dancer, born in 1985. Holds a master’s degree in composition and a bachelor’s degree in dance performance and teaching, both from the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Her pieces are invited to present regularly at festivals in Israel and abroad, she is a winner of the Sharett Foundation Award for Choreography in 2010. Sofia has studied and worked on a number of prestigious international projects. Among them – ‘Liceu’ in Barcelona – Spain, and ‘Ballet Junior’ in Geneva – Switzerland. She’s been collaborating with leading choreographers in Israel; Ronit Ziv, Sahar Azimi, Michal Herman, Ofra Idel, Ruby Eidelman, Odelia Kuperberg, Shlomi Fridge and Elad Schechter. Her pieces are influenced by the tension between aesthetics, minimalism, conceptuality and cultural content. In her works she presents movement sequences that incite the imagination and intellect to roam in the fields of art, politics and culture, and especially in social perceptions regarding female roles and stereotypes. The female image, dreams, fears, body, doubts, complexity, power, freedom and slavery.

5.10 | 20:00
6.10 | 20:00
7.10 | 20:00
Beit Aliance, Kiach 5 street, Jerusalem

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