Fear of Heights


“A sharp decline in the number of common birds in Israel- contrasted by a dramatic increase in the invasive species. This process bears future negative consequences on the Israeli ecological system” (Haaretz). My interest began in 2019 after I read an article about the annihilation of the songbirds in Israel. I want to raise the awareness to the danger of extinction that exists for many species of birds.

Choreographer: Maayan Liebman-Sharon
Co-dancers: Itamar Galina, Harel Kay
Music: Barak Olier
Costume design : Maayan Liebman-Sharon
Melody and lyrics: Harel Kay.
Singers: Harel Kay & Itamar Galina

The piece was created at the Residency in SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development in the Czech Republic at Žďár nad Sázavou – May 2022

Maayan Liebman-Sharon is a Jerusalem-based choreographer, artistic director and curator. She holds a B. Dance degree and an M. Mus degree specializing in choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Maayan’s work has been seen in festivals and residency around Israel and Europe, such as Israel Festival, Machol Shalem’s Jerusalem International Dance Week, Tmuna Theater, the Suzanne Dellal Centre, From Jaffa to Agripas Festival,, Hazira – Dance Arena, the Dan David Award Ceremony. Her work has been  presented in museums and galleries such as the Israel Museum, Haifa Art Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of Muslim Art, and Moscow Museum and more.

הצטרפו לניוזלטר