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Contemporary Dance in Mahane Yehuda Market

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Animal Triste – Mélanie Demers

Choreography:Mélanie Demers, with the collaboration of the performers
Dancers:Original Cast : Marc Boivin, James Gnam, Brianna Lombardo and Riley Sims. On stage : Marc Boivin, James Gnam, Brianna Lombardo and Léa Noblet Di Ziranaldi
Original music: Jacques Poulin-Denis, Antoine Berthiaume
Rehearsal Direction: Anne-Marie Jourdenais

In the great march of the world, humans are nothing more than sad little animals. But animals that console themselves in beauty and in desire for immortality. For this, men will invent religions, philosophies and civilizations. They will make up stories and write History. But very rarely will they understand where they stand and never really escape their condition. And deep down, men are those animals of no significance who only aspire to more and better.
Animal Triste might be a freeze frame to try to understand the nature and posture of Man in all his humanity.

*The show includes nudity

  • 4/9 Alliance House 20:30
Price: 80 ₪
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