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Contemporary Dance in Mahane Yehuda Market

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Yama ve Kedma – Ishai Karasenti & Mira Rubinstein

Choreography, writing and performance:Ishai Karasenti & Mira Rubinstein
Costumes:Ishai Karasenti & Mira Rubinstein
Music: Achinoam Nini and Gil Dor - Letters to Bach, The Art of The Ud - Munir Bashir

Memories from childhood homes. One is “gefilte fish” from Tel Aviv the other one is “matbucha”from beer sheva. A sequence of short stories from a long life with the grandparents in the background playing the “oud” and Bach’s melodies on the violin.

  • 1/9- 21:15 Freddie Lemmon
  • 1/9- 22:15 Freddie Lemmon
  • 2/9- 21:15 Freddie Lemmon
  • 2/9- 22:15 Freddie Lemmon
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