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Contemporary Dance in Mahane Yehuda Market

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A chef’s dinner by Tali Friedman + 2 performances by Idan Cohen & Efrat Rubin

Choreographers:Efrat Rubin and Idan Cohen
Dancers:Persona - Efrat Rubin and Iris Nais. Orfeo as a clown - Yankele Pilzer
Music: Persona - Bach's fourth cello suite performed by Yo Yo Ma. Orfeo as a clown- Orpheo and Euridyce by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Chef: Tali Friedman


Sea fish kebabs swimming in a spread of pickled lemons and shoshka tahini.
Couscous and lamb meets root vegetables in the pan.
Tavor Winery’s red / white wine


Two shows in one evening:

Persona – Efrat Rubin

Creating a dance that combines documentary film in a Augmented Reality and examines the appearance of the persona as a representation adapted to the system of social expectations.
Through body language, speech intonation, and the encounter between two women and the audience, a confrontation is created between the persona and the inner voices, fears and embarrassing feelings which we tend to conceal. Through the creation of images inspired by paintings of women against the background of fruits from the 18th and 19th centuries and attempts to approach the viewer, the masks are being built and dismantled in a feminine appearance of visible and hidden.

Orfeo as a Clown – Idan Cohen

‘Orfeo as a Clown’ draws its inspiration from the myth of Orfeo, and the opera “Orfeo ed Euridice” by Christoph Willibald Gluck. In this solo Cohen is looking at the myth of Orfeo, as the mimesis of an artist.
Orfeo’s noble attempt to save his beloved wife Eurydice was done through his music, who enchanted all. Using his artistic skills, he descended into the underworld, demanding life and love.
A clown’s job is to entertain. Just like Orfeo, the performer in this work fights for the love of the audience, attempting to touch the untouchable.
This creation asks to Deconstruct the key themes and motives of the story of Orfeo into the very core of the act of Performance

  • 1/9 - Tali Friedman's Atelier 19:00
  • 1/9- Tali Friedman's Atelier 21:00
  • 2/9 – Tali Friedman's Atelier 19:00
Total payment: 180
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