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Contemporary Dance in Mahane Yehuda Market

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Sba de’ruach \ Seven Souls – Dana Naim Hafouta

Choreography and Performance:Dana Naim Hafuta
Music:Idan Elmalem

L’kat indha sba de’ruach. Language has it’s secrets. It all depends on the social, cultural and personal context. I break and reconstruct the Moroccan ‘Mana’ idioms, in order to create new personal meaning. A temporary language, that is composed of fractions of sound, movement and voice.

  • 1/9 - 20:45 Freddie Lemon
  • 1/9 - 21:45 Freddie Lemon
  • 2/9 - 20:45 Freddie Lemon
  • 2/9 - 21:45 Freddie Lemmon
Free admission
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