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Contemporary Dance in Mahane Yehuda Market

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7 INCH OF SLAM The Full Body Soundscape – Annabelle Dvir

Choreography; Vocal & Music Composition: Annabelle Dvir
Creative Performers: Annabelle Dvir, Layil Goren, Dana Naim Hafouta, Shaked Mochiach, Yuval Finkelshtein
Drums & Electric Guitar - Tamar Kaminsky. Electric Guitar - Zohar Yehieli
Light & Stage Design: Tamar Or, Zohar Shoef

A full evening dance piece, composed as a full live album – a soundtrack of flesh & voice, in which seven women assemble to practice the energetic, instrumental-musical and the tangible-sensory impulse that arises from the collision between the body and the floor; the body as an instrument surrounded by other instruments – a set of Drums & Electric Guitars. All of them together examine the ritualism of the slamming action, re-experiencing pleasure despite pain, through coercion and liberation, focusing on the physical and behavioral shape of the voice, as an outcome of the act. The soundscape is then processed by transformation of audial archetypes and “the instruments’ song”, and is asked to alter the meaning of the physical acts, by procuring new connotations for it, rebuilding the “moment of fragmentation”.

We ask – How are the physical form and the sensation of an archetypal action, perceived as painful, dangerous and violent, influenced by varying audial-sonoric images?

  • 3/9 - 20:30 Alliance House
Price: 80 ₪
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