habnuya- 1.8.18-beit mazya

The catamon Dance Group in a multi-disciplinary dance performance.

On the 100th anniversary of the publication of the Utopia, “Jerusalem is built” – a dream in a sketch by Boris Schatz, the founder of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, a group of Jerusalem artists are returning to this exemplary text dealing with Shutz’s utopian Jerusalem in 2018.

This is a proposal for an artistic ritual, which takes place in the Temple of Contemporary Art founded by Schatz. The ceremony is based on the main ideas emanating from the utopian-socialist connection, and takes place 100 years after its publication.

Choreography and direction: Elad Schechter

Musical management: Orian Shukrun

Musical Composition: hichal salomon: Poetry They’re Gabbay: Clarinet, Nai Liav Baruch: More, Pantem Nadav Friedman: Percussion Orian Shukrun: piano, melodica

Created by: Nitzan Lederman Little Netzer Ben Hurin Nir Widen Harel Gerzotis

Played by: Michael Levy

Text processing and dramaturgy: Ofri Omer Hoffman

Costume Design: Rosie Canaan


September 8th


ASHDOD – Commercial Center  11:30-13:30 P.M.
free entrance 

Tech it Away

November 7th


Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem, Israel

catamon Hosts

November 24th

Tel Aviv

Yehieli St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Inbal Theater
14:00 PM
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