Yam Rahat (Premiere)

Here we have an opportunity, and opportunities are not to be missed, right? We are invited to imagine the paradise of the Middle East, the desert dance, the new and ancient play, the dawn tomorrow.

Dancers: Ofek Moshe, Michal Lubin, Michal Koren, Noam Ihieli, Noa Ovadia, Neri Yahalom, Rotem Levy, Sarah Matan
Actors: Rawada Suleiman, Salama Abu Kayen
Dramaturgy: Tammy Izhaki
Costumes: Rosie Can’aan
Music: Itamar Ziegler

Producer: Yulia Mezhetskaya
Director: Daniel Altar

The work was created with the support of the Mendel Foundation


Brown hotel  105, Jaffa St.

21:30 – 22:00

הצטרפו לניוזלטר