Iron. Sheep Property

“Iron, Sheep, Property” is a political performance and dance piece, touching on burning issues in an unusual way, at once deeply disturbing and strangely comforting. A weave of movement, images, text and songs, the piece is accompanied by a systematic reading out of the Abraham Even-Shoshan Dictionary (1998). The compulsive reading of the dictionary breaks apart the tension between language and culture, calling into question the deep rotted need for ownership over our bodies, language, home, land and country.

Dancers: Karmit Burian, Omer Uziel, Kim Teitelbaum, Moshe Schechter Avshalom

Artistic consultation: Tal Yahas | Text and Vocal consultation: Hadas Pe’ery | Lighting object design: Ofer Laufer | Set construction: Alon Zagir | Production: Michal Samama, Tut Maharam, Daria Efrat | Camera: Yair Mehyuhas, Noa Simhayof Shahaf, Keren Manor | Video editing: Oriana Weich, Noa Simhayof Shahaf ‘Iron, Sheep, Property’ premiered at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the exhibition “Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body)” curated by Ruth Direktor, January 2023.

The work was created with the supported of: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Choreographers Association and ‘Kelim’ Choreography Center.


“Keter” Company, Meir Cohen, Arnon Rabin, Ruth Direktor, Simon Samama, Samama- Kremnitzer family.

The Terrace of Muslala 97 Jaffa St.

19:30 – 20:45

הצטרפו לניוזלטר