In Between (Premiere)

״בין לבין לבין…/between in”…

Our duet is engaging in the small
moments between bigger episodes
in our lives.
Whether it’s a look into ourselves,
reflection to the outside world,
whether it’s the
intention of action or a moment
to stop, think and let everything
flow.. The awareness of
what we truly need and not just
what we want. This moments
are like small bridges
connecting us from one reality
to another, one action to another,
one truth to another
creating an endless continuity
that is ongoing and this endless
loop is what we wish to
present to our audience.

Dancers: Henny Betzalel and Shaked Sonnenfeld

Music: Yair Asban, Johnny Blue, DEKEL

Photographers: Shay Roshe (SR_photoart), Sasha Zvotovski(alisasha.y)

The performance is supported by ״Yael- Home for independent dance and performance creators״, from the dance department of the Jerusalem Municipality.

Atalya, Haharuv 14, Machane Yehuda Market


הסדנא של טלי
19:00 – 20:00
והמופע אחריי

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