December 2015 Events

Pleasantly enough

Choreographer // Dafi Altabeb
In collaboration with Idan Stern
Costumes // Ron Glait
Dancer // Noga Golan
Artistic adviser // Nini Moshe
Live music  //  Yoav Ilan
Location // Ha’Schena Bar


Choreographer // Osnat Kelner
Costumes // Ron Glait
Dancer // Ilana Bellahsen
Vocals Arrangement // Daniel Sapir
Location //  Dwinni Pita bar 

Stirring the materials. Chuckle. Pleasant hum movie. Two women in their thirties. On a smooth concrete floor.

Missing call

Choreographer // Maya Yogel  In collaboration with Nadav Graber
Costumes // Maya Yogel
Dancer //  Mattia Cason
Sound track editing  // Nadav Graber
Soundtrack // Beaufort/ Paralysis of thought
Charles Bukowski/ A little atomic bomb
OMD/ Enola Gay
Location // Ha’tachrir Bar

In a Dada dance piece, hybrid characters call for a new order, doubting the old ways which bring along destruction and ruin.


Choreographer // Sofia Krantz In collaboration with Idan Herzon
Costumes // Adi Yair
Dancer // Gefen Liberman , Adi Peled , Yael  Averbuch , Sofia Krantz
Editor  // Idan Herzon
Location // Shem Tov Bar 


Choreographer // Elad Schechter
In collaboration with Sherry Tito
Costumes // Sherry Tito
Dancers // Inbar Shalev, Adi Peled
Yoav Kleinman, Michael Levi
Location //  Ha’tachrir Bar

Urfa, Bring it up!!! Chafla. Sweet. Fruits. Music. Boobs. Dancers. Food. Smoking. Plastic. Energy. Balagan. Hash. Food. Woman. Chest hair. Explosion. Red eyes. Food. Ass. Urfa. Breathing. Rolling. Clapping hands. No more green. Food. Dancing.


Choreographer // Yaron Shamir
Costumes // Ron Glait
Dancer // Yaron Shamir
Music // Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan ,Yasmin Levy
Location // Ha’tipa Bar 

Trapped in the moment, cut off from the world, I search for the words that will allow me to get closer to fantasy through reality


Choreographer // Sharon Vazanna In collaboration with Tomer Sapir
Costumes // Ron Glait
Dancers // Nimrod Poles, Tamar Sonn, Bar Gonen
Original Music and Sound Design // Adam Gorlizki
Location // Ha’tachrir Bar

Shape less they seep, lurk, spread out in space, they stay and leak out of the body.