October 2014 Events

Poly Monopoly

Choreographer // Sahar Azimi
Costumes // Ana Mirkin
Dancers // Ana Mirkin
Original Music and Sound Design // Timber, Timber
Music Editing // Didi Erez
Location // Ha’Schena Bar

In this new piece we examine the role of the individual’s in a modern relationship structure. The dancers pass through one another and present physical and emotional challenges.

Love Discourse 

Choreographer // Maya Yogel
In collaboration with Oryan Yohanan
Costumes // Oryan Yohanan, Maya Yogel
Dancers // Oryan Yohanan
Location //  Ha’tipa Bar

In this piece we examine the role of the individuals in a modern relationship structure.

Trio Shuk

Choreographer //
Sofia Krantz
In collaboration with Adi Ulmiansky

Costumes // Sofia Krantz
Dancers // Adar Riklis, Gefen Liberman, Sofia Krantz
Location //  Fifth of May Bar

The outer space as a stage.


Choreographer // Elad Schechter
In collaboration with Sherry Tito
Costumes // Sherry Tito
Dancers // Inbar Shalev, Adi Peled
Yoav Kleinman, Michael Levi
Location // Ha’tachrir Bar

Urfa, Bring it up!!! Chafla. Sweet. Fruits. Music. Boobs. Dancers. Food. Smoking. Plastic. Energy. Balagan. Hash. Food. Woman. Chest hair. Explosion. Red eyes. Food. Ass. Urfa. Breathing. Rolling. Clapping hands. No more green. Food. Dancing.


Choreographer // Shlomi Bitton
In collaboration with Roni Rotem, Tohar Kliner
Costumes // Shlomi Bitton, Tohar Kliner, Roni Rotem
Lyrics compositions, sound design and production // Shlomi Bitton
Dancers // Roni Rotem, Tohar Kliner,
Location //  Soramelo Bar

The piece was inspired by solo creation “Muster” that was premiered at Machol shalem Dance Festival 2014 While cannons roar, we call on the Muses. Flirting with love and hate – with vital messages, beloved music, stamina and happiness.


Choreographer //
Sharon Vazanna
In collaboration with Tamar Sonn

Costumes // Sharon Vazanna
Dancers // Tamar Sonn, Ron Matalon
Original Music and Sound Design //  Sagi Zoref
Music //  Von Magnet
Location // Hatahrir Bar

The piece presents different situations of love search, attention and couting. It is research of excitement and freedom in the nightlife.